Here to Educate and Empower

Closing the digital divide opens the path to prosperity.

No one should be left out of this digital gold rush. Even more importantly, no one should be left uneducated in what may be the greatest change to our financial system in history. Because the transition to digital currency is such a large paradigm shift, many people fear the change and avoid getting educated and prepared for it. We commit to offer support, courses, and information to anyone who is willing to learn. We also place you into a network of like-minded individuals who aim to uplift the group and keep us all rising.

Our Core Beliefs:

We believe information is the key to thriving in this new economy. It is our goal to provide solid, dependable information that will not only ease the transition into this new age, but also provide you with what you need so you can make informed decisions about your investments, your budget, and your financial future.

We believe in equal access to information. The internet has opened up new gateways making this possible, but it has also been saturated in misinformation. We are committed to procuring and delivering the best information so you don't have to spend countless hours searching through and filtering through good and bad info.

We believe in acting with integrity. We have seen far too many people try to take advantage of the public by offering 'scam offers' or charging you insane prices for basic information that could be found through a single Google search. We promise to always make our members our FIRST PRIORITY by keeping our integrity tight and unwavering.

What used to be reserved for 'insiders only' or hidden from the people is now being opened up thanks to the power of the Internet. The information age is changing everything and leveling the playing field, but only if you take the time to seek the information. Decentralied Finance (DeFi) is going to cause a massive shift in the power 'ordinary people' have on our economy.

What you'll gain with Us

Digital Finance Literacy

Learn the tools of the new digital economy and how to use your smartphone as your new banking system

Industry Insight

Our step-by-step videos and easy to understand content bring you up-to-date information you need to make the right decisions.

A dedicated network of peers

With us, you're never alone! You'll be supported by a network who will help guide you to success.


Our Process

Get ready to jump into digital finance! Our 4 part process makes it easy.



We deliver financial concepts in an easy to understand format.


We provide entertaining and educational content through video and live events.


Our members are added to our group chat/forum and discuss new trends, opportunities and advice.


Our guest speakers and invited experienced leaders deliver priceless information to our members.